Reinventing Project Management
The Adaptive Diamond Approach

Teaching the Adaptive Project Management - The Diamond Approach

You can adopt the adaptive approach to your classroom or training program. We developed teaching materials that may fit a basic and advanced course in project management. The material includes syllabus, slides, case studies and questions for exercises and exams.

The materials are provided in a modifiable form, so they can be adapted to individual teacher's needs and improved. We are encouraging the improvements, and invite all to share the improvements with other Adaptive Project Managers teachers by sending the modified materials to us for posting at this Web site. The best way to send the materials is in an attachment to email - click here to send us an email.

Download materials:

  • Syllabus Syllabus
  • Slides dfd Slides
  • Case studies fdfd Cese studies
  • Exercises and exam questions fdfdd exercises